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Can You Mix Dr Who with Dr Montessori?


Can You Mix Dr Who with Montessori? I know, I know, there are going to be some Montessorians up in arms about this but hear me out… One of the key philosophies for Montessori education is “Follow The Child” and I deeply believe in this concept, I also think us adults could take a lesson […]

How To Exercise and Get Stuff Done

How To Exercise and get stuff done

How To Exercise and Get Stuff Done If you are anything like me, you are always trying to squeeze in an extra few minutes of work here and there. The reason I do it, is because when I stop work I want to STOP – no planning the next launch sequence, writing blog posts or thinking […]

Want Your Kids To Tidy Their Room?


Operation S.T.P.N. (Stop The Parents Nagging) Need Your Kids To Clean Their Room? Sick of nagging them to do it? Fed up of constantly picking up after them? Then they need this… Secret Agent 008 will help your & your child turn their bomb site of chaos they call their bedroom to a place to hang […]

Heather Burket is a Rock Star Mom!


Heather Burket is a Rock Star Mom! Heather Burket is mother of three, author of the blog, an inspiring site that celebrates children and reminds parents to laugh and love, and author and illustrator of the forthcoming book ‘Life is Sweet: Inspiring Love + Mindfulness in Our Children,’ a book written to help your […]

The Inspired Mama Revolution


The Inspired Mama Revolution The last few months I have felt the need for change, what I have created was getting too big for me to handle! But I didn’t want to let anything go, these are my babies after all. I have poured hours and hours into them and I know that my courses help […]

Jessica Donovan – Getting Kids To Eat Healthy Foods


Jessica Donovan – Getting Kids To Eat Healthy Foods Jessica Donovan is a mama of 2, naturopath and holistic health expert who helps families thrive. She is passionate about educating parents on nourishing their children with real food, helping to boost their health and heal naturally. Jessica combines her deep naturopathic knowledge with a realistic, […]

Forget What You Know


Forget What You Know It has been a funny old week! With running Montessori Crash Course, my passion for helping kids to fall in love with learning has been re-ignited and with Ebi-kun having a homework issue it only deepened my belief that so many aspects of the way we teach our kids (through the […]