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Forget What You Know


Forget What You Know It has been a funny old week! With running Montessori Crash Course, my passion for helping kids to fall in love with learning has been re-ignited and with Ebi-kun having a homework issue it only deepened my belief that so many aspects of the way we teach our kids (through the […]

Incredible Edibles Review


Incredible Edible Fun! Last year, when we went back to the UK, we do like we always do and make our first stop the library (for a boy who devours books like mine does, this is a must do!) One of the books he picked up was Incredible Edibles by Stefan Gates, he loved it […]

Help Me Do It Myself


Help Me Do It Myself Toddlers, they are amazing right? Little people with huge personalities who like to push the boundaries like Miley leaving Disney. But all too often we pamper these little people, doing far too much for them which hinders their growth and stops them from learning about the world and often results […]

10 Self Care Quickies


10 Self Care Quickies I’m excited to be writing this post as part of Ashley King’s Live Notorious Self Care Tour. . As you know I’m all for mama putting mama first! Do pop over to Live Notorious and catch up with all the other self care tips, there will certainly be something that resonates […]

How To Praise Your Child The Montessori Way

how to praise your child

How To Praise Your Child The Montessori Way There have been a lot of reports floating around the interwebs recently about how damaging it is to our kids and society when children are over praised. The Montessori way of praising is done in a way to build self esteem. Rather than “great job” or “well […]

What Can Your Kitchen Live Without?


What Can Your Kitchen Live Without? This post is like opening a can of worms… We all have different kitchens, different favourite gadgets and things we can’t live without but we also have a lot of things lurking in the kitchen that quite frankly, are just causing us a headache. . The kitchen if probably the […]

Salt Painting Experiments


Salt Painting Experiments Last week I talked about how we set up a nature table in our home. This week it is art meets science project for Montessori Monday with some salt painting! We have done this a couple of times in the past and it has always turned out really interesting. Fun, crafty and […]

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