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How To Praise Your Child The Montessori Way

how to praise your child

How To Praise Your Child The Montessori Way There have been a lot of reports floating around the interwebs recently about how damaging it is to our kids and society when children are over praised. The Montessori way of praising is done in a way to build self esteem. Rather than “great job” or “well […]

What Can Your Kitchen Live Without?


What Can Your Kitchen Live Without? This post is like opening a can of worms… We all have different kitchens, different favourite gadgets and things we can’t live without but we also have a lot of things lurking in the kitchen that quite frankly, are just causing us a headache. . The kitchen if probably the […]

Salt Painting Experiments


Salt Painting Experiments Last week I talked about how we set up a nature table in our home. This week it is art meets science project for Montessori Monday with some salt painting! We have done this a couple of times in the past and it has always turned out really interesting. Fun, crafty and […]

10 Minute Home Organization Tip…

10 minutes organization tip

10 Minute Home Organization Tip If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m not one of those super organized, “File all my knickers in style and colour” type of girls. If my knickers make it to the undies drawer, I call that a success! Well… being a not-so-organized person, I […]

How I Accidentally Set Up A Montessori Bedroom


How I Accidentally Set Up A Montessori Bedroom When Ebi-kun was born, I was just starting my Montessori journey and didn’t learn about the Montessori bedroom until he was a toddler – we didn’t have the information available back then that there is these days! So when he was a baby, I didn’t know there […]

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