top-10-gifts-for-boys I will be totally honest here, I will not be doing a top 10 for girls because I don’t have a girl so I’m not really qualified to give an opinion on that. That said, many of these gift ideas are equally great for girls too, I am an engineer by qualification and loved all kinds of building and imaginative toys when I was a kid.

Ebi-kun is 8 years old now, many of these toys he has had since he was a toddler and is still playing with them.

I would love to know what your boys love playing with, leave me a comment below.


51oOUEYZ1pL Ebi-kun got this for his birthday and it is a lot of fun. We have played it in a mixed group from 5 years to 72 years old and there was no common language. There are 3 levels of cards so the game evens out making it fair, some of the pictures the players didn’t know but we just picked a new card. It is really good fun, great for imaginative thinking and much laughter will be had! There is also a booster pack which Santa will be bringing to this house this year.

Available from HERE


Wooden Blocks

71rVI56wO4L._SL1500_ We got Ebi-kun wooden blocks for his first birthday, he is 8 now and still uses them for building towns or making mazes, sometimes they are treasure other times used with the train track or marble run.I highly recommend getting either plain blocks or ones that are stained rather than painted, they will stay looking nice for much longer.

Grimm’s Building Set – coloured by hand available from HERE

Plain architectural blocks available from HERE




71sV2+HW-QL._SL1500_ It was a very sad day when our magnadoodle finally gave up the ghost. My mom bought it for him when he was 18mths old and he LOVED it, in fact… the Ika Boy Logo from jojoebi designs actually started out as one of Ebi-kun’s magnadoodles! It is great for practicing letters and just holding a pen. We did have a mini one too but that didn’t get half as much use out of it as the standard sized one.

Available HERE



Make Do

41CgJSOHkHL OK, this stuff is BRILLIANT, just add boxes! This will save you and the planet a whole load of tape and frustration. It is easy to use, little ones might have trouble getting the fasteners off afterwards, good for strengthening muscles! We have the 65 pieces kit and have build some pretty big structures, including a submarine with trap door and telescope and never run out of pieces. If you are interested, I have an interview with PJ the inventor behind Make-Do here.

Available HERE

They also have smaller kits which make great stocking stuffers HERE



Cloth Treasure Map

il_570xN.301551191 Alright, I am totally biased on this one but I have had lots of people come back and tell me how much their kids love their map! These are not just pre-printed fabric, they were designed from the off-set as maps, contain no writing so the kids can use them no matter of their language ability and they can make up their own island names. Perfect for little pirates wannabe’s! They are printed with eco friendly ink onto cloth, so they are long lasting, can be washed if it gets dropped into a swap whilst out on an adventure.

Available HERE

 Use the coupon code THANKS13 when you check out to get free shipping until the end November.



Art Supplies

51DRCG7hQoL I think that all kids should have access to a variety of art supplies and sorry, a box of Crayola crayons just doesn’t cut it for me. They should be able to try out different types of pen, pencil, chalk, paints etc and have a pack of different paper to use it on too. Ebi-kun has got to the stage now where he knows which medium to use depending on the project he is working on.Working with cheapest of the cheap materials is frustrating so I do recommend spending that little bit extra and getting something that is better quality.

Art Set available HERE



91z4lT4MQTL._SL1500_ What can I say? We love Lego and it is one of the few plastic toys that I actually like. I have noticed that Ebi-kun has gone through stages from where he needed help to build the item, then he wouldn’t break it up, then he got into rebuilding by himself using the manual and now, he builds it from the manual the first time then just makes up his won creations, using what he has lean red from the manuals to make his own thing. I am not a massive fan of the themed sets because you get sucked into the ‘collect them all’ mentality – good marketing from the Lego People!

Basic Bricks Pack available HERE





I know a lot of lads are not really interested in reading but over the years I have noticed that boys will pick up books if you find the reading matter that they are interested in. Whether it be bugs or trains, mazes or ninjas, there are books out there for your boy, follow his lead and get whatever he is fascinated with. Some of Ebi-kuns favourites are Beast Quest, Horrible Histories, Star Wars Craft Book, Dragonology, The Mysterious Secret Benedict Society and Origami Yoda.

Little People


We have lots of these style of little wooden people, they are brilliant, Just the right size to pop in a pocket or handbag and can be used to no end of imaginary play, you never know when you might need one, in a cafe, a long queue, in the car or on the train! If you go onto Etsy there are loads of sellers that sell these little peeps, you can also buy plain ones and paint them yourself – or get the kids to do it.

This set is from Goosegreese and available HERE



A Bag

il_570xN.515487433_bgpx In Japan it is not usual to see kids carrying bags, even from the littlest toddlers. From the offset they are taught the importance of carrying their own things with them. Ebi-kun always has a bag with him and in it there is usually a notepad and pen and a mini set of pencils, a toy car, a favourite book, a pack of tissues and a hanky. For longer journeys he prefers the Steggie Back Pack (pattern available HERE) but if it is a day trip or just out for a couple of hours he likes a messenger style bag.

Meeabee has a great collection of messenger bags for boys (and girls) available HERE

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