estimation-gameI just found this picture and realised that I forgot to blog about it! A couple of weeks before the end of term Ebi-kun had some maths homework. It involved getting out containers that held liquids, I had to raid the fridge and pantry…

He then had a worksheet, where he had to write the name of the product then GUESS how much the bottle held. Once he had guessed he could check the label for the answer. I thought this was a really cool exercise and it was interesting to see how he did, at first he wasn’t so interested but as time went on he really got into it and I had to keep going back and looking for more liquids for him to guesstimate.

This would be a fun activity to add to your homeschooling or even just to kill some time if you are stuck indoors. It has been too hot to play out the last few days so I am all over indoor activities!

To print out a worksheet for your child to fill in, just click HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 9.47.48 AM

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