bullying4Since the bullying incident first took place, I have done a lot of reading and research. The statistics for bullying in Japan are pretty scary and since Ebi-kun is ‘hafu’ (mixed race) he is more prone to being bullied, with that in mind, we have tried to prepare ourselves for the future and tried to equip him with the tools that he needs to deal with the situation, that will, without a doubt arise again.

What we have done so far….

1.Talk to him about the situation, he is only 7 years old so doesn’t fully understand the consequences of bullying.

2. Joined aikido, we took him along to try it out and see if he enjoyed it. More aggressive sports such a judo or karate just don’t fit with Ebi-kun’s personality so we thought aikido would be a better bet. He does enjoy it, has made some new friends and as of April he is signed up as a member.

3. Introduced the concept of the ‘inner lion’ (read this post if you don’t know what I am talking about), this is working well and something we will build on.

4. Reading books that have a bullying theme. We have Goal by Mina Javaherbin, Crow Boy by Yashima Taro and Enemy Pie by Derek Munson.

Other resources:

There are a set of free posters like this one available for download from A Year Of many Firsts: HERE


At Susanna Hill there is a great list of bullying themed books, click here to read it.

Pragmatic mom has a list of 10 picture books for dealing with bullying.

Stopbullying is a whole website dedicated to the problem – lots of help and advice available, so does bullyfree.

I have a pinterest board with bullying books and resources, find that HERE

If you have a suitable blog post or know of some resources that could help others, please leave it in the comment section.

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